Troubleshooting Power issue


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Jun 25, 2020
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So I have a I think it’s a PB700SC and keep a cover on the grill when not in use and we usually grill about 3-4 times a week. I have started having issues with the power tripping my outlet. I vac out the fire pit and turn it on smoke and once it roars and the smoke dissipates I set it to a temp and close the lid and before it can reach the temp the power supply shuts off. I feel like it has occurred before if I haven’t vaccumed out the pit and the ash caught fire too fast and didn’t go through startup properly but seem to have issues when maybe the grill just starts too hot. Sometimes I turn it on smoke and it reads out like 70 off the bat but today it came on at 100 and after startup I shut the lid and set it to 400 and by the time it got to 200 the power shut off and the outlet was tripped. Is this an issue with the outlet or something with the grill and if so what can I do, incredibly frustrating cause once it does it 8 can’t grill on it at all that night cause by the time the flame burns out and start over it’s been too long and it’s too late at night,

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