Tenderizing Steaks


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Nov 23, 2021
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Ramona, Ca
I was checking out a meat tenderizer that Myron Mixon uses to tenderize chicken on youtube. One thing led to another and I came across many videos on using pineapple to tenderize steaks. I'm thinking the next time I'm gonna bbq some steaks, I'm gonna try this method. Anyone else use this method? The video below is from Sam the Cooking Guy, a well known local cook on tv and radio.

Pineapple juice bottled or canned... And fresh cut pineapple juice or slices are two totally different meat tenderizers. I used fresh cut pineapple on beef flap meat for carne asada, marinated for 4 hrs. Come time to cook for a family gathering, that meat turned into pate.
We ended up eating Costco chickens.
Be careful with fresh pineapple, it's full of enzymes that quickly start breaking down beef.
I haven't tried it on any other type of meat.
Canned pineapple dose not contain these living enzymes because of the heating process while canning.
Mabe try it with a short marinade time, and pierced meat. Or use canned juice, chunks, or slices and longer marinate time.
No fear.
Would it be a little easier to pick the next best piece of beef, maybe sirloin versus London Broil?

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