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Temperature problems


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May 12, 2021
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Republic, MO
I just bought pro series pbv4ps2 from.lowes a few weeks ago. Did everything as instructed as far as burnouts and such. Cooked my first racks of ribs, it was saying 200 for 6 hours. This is my first pellet smoker so I was unsure, as on my other smokers it takes me 6 hours also. Well, after 7 1/2 hours I will still a little under the temp. I ended up pulling them off after 8 hours. I was wondering if I need to bump.it up another 50 degrees to be close because I know the meat probes even read way off. My meat proves we're showing done in 5 hours, but rechecked with my.meat thermometers and they were 30 degrees off. I checked with 2 thermometers. Thanks.
In the winter I have to set it to 300 degrees to maintain 235-250 degrees. Any time you add meat, water or open the door the temperature will drop and take time to recover. Now with it warmer out I set it at 250 degrees and seems to hold, drops off if I add water or open the door.