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Supplied temp gauge is crap!


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Oct 20, 2020
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Kelowna, B.C. Canada
I'm guessing everyone that smokes/cooks on these pit boss units don't rely on the temp gauge that came with the unit? Brand new install and set up, mine was up to 50F lower than my digital probe! I've read posts of guys saying they can't get over 250F, I'm guessing they are reading the cheap guage on the unit! Mine got up to about 310 F on the first fire so it was not an issue. About 50 F outside temp, so I'm sure when it's summer and 90-100 outside I'll be able to get higher temps. I usually don't smoke at higher temps ( 170-190F) as long as I'm slow cooking, this gives you the most tender ribs etc. Turkey I'll smoke at around 200 F for the first two hours or less, then crank up to 300 to do the rest of the cooking. I never smoke for longer than a couple hours, I find the smoke level in the meat can become over powering. That's just my taste, I think the smoke should be an enhancement and not too strong as to be the dominate feature.
Yup.. Junk.. Just go off of the digital Gage and your meat probes... Mine does the opposite, 50-70 higher the the digital read out... DONT give up bro.. Smoke on man ?
It is confirmed that there is a certain error, and so is my reading. It may be that the thermometer has some problems and needs to be replaced. Of course, this is just my guess.:unsure:
The Temp gauge is bascailly a hood ornament for the grill there is no use for it. I actually replace mine with a higher quality gauge with the longer probe. The one Pit Boss uses the probe is too short and you cannot calibrate it.

Pit Boss as actually quit adding them to there new Pro Series grills so they got the hint.
Yeah I DONT rely on that .. I will trust the digital readout and meat probes before I even think about trusting the barrel gauge