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Feb 2, 2021
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Hi Y'all .....Just throwing this out there and wondering due to the high cost of wood pellets can you use those pellets that burn in a fireplace? I did some researching on brands in my area and found out that all (do not having additives or glue) in them....Just wondering......any feedback would be greatly appreciated .....

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Like Mike said I will would not, but pellet burning stoves and fireplaces now are using pellets without additives and glues since they are know to cause flume fires in the past. I think in mid 90s they stopped with the glue, but I beleive there maybe still some out there. Back in the day Pellet grills used pellets with glue so it has changed.

My buddy that I hunt with uses the pellets from Sam's club in his Pellet burning fireplace at the cabin since he goes right past a Sams to get to the cabin as the fireplace has a completely different burn pot and the temps run at a higher pace than a smoker. He see no difference in the heat output that the pellets he gets from the Fireplace B&M store where he bought it. He actually saves about $5 a bag from getting the ones from Sams and I used the same pellets in my PB and Yoder now.

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