Sportsman temp problems...


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Jun 12, 2021
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SW Washington
Smoking a brisket yesterday and noticed that while my temp was set to 225, the internal temp displayed was 390...

Grabbed an independent temp sensor and noticed that by now, the internal temp display was 410...

Opened the sportsman and didn't feel like 400+ (415 shown by now) and set the thermopro sensor inside (down to 410 now) and the internal temp was actually 185.

Let it run for a while, miffed that my new grill was broken on it's 3rd use and the thermopro showed a max of 199 (set to 225) and the PB display was now steady at 345.

Meat temps with the PB probes we're 10-15 degrees higher than the thermopro consistently.

Turned the smoker up to 350, but the smoker wouldnt climb above 200... Even after a few hours of watching and waiting.

Seems PB has some temp issues with their smokers... And from the number of other posts, it's not just the sportsman.

It won't take long ruining 100.00 pieces of meat to add up to a new smoker...

Has ANYONE figured out how to fix these problems?
Give Out Boss a call and leave a call back number. Sounds like a controller issue or the auger keeps feeding pellets when it shouldn't.

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