Smoker temperature fluctuations


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Feb 27, 2022
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I've had my smoker for about 8 months and I've been experiencing +/- 100° temperature fluctuations when I'm using it for 3 hours or more. I've cleaned the smoker, cooked with different temperatures, and used other thermostats, with no positive results. Can anyone help with this issue?
Also, if you can get to the internal temp probe clean it off while it it cooled off. Sometimes there is buildup on the temp probe that will cause temps to fluctuate. Go ahead and call PB, they will send a new temp probe it is pretty easy to swap out. If cleaning it works then you'll have a back up probe.
i’m having the same problem I’ve had the smoker for a year and I cannot get the temperature to stabilize I’ve tried all of the tricks and still it fluctuates 100° + or -50° from set temperature. I called customer support once when I first got it and they had me adjust the smokestack but that did nothing I still have the same problem. i’m really pissed I did a $77 brisket and one side of it was really dried out. my friends with other brands of smokers don’t have this problem. Any ideas?
Not what you want to hear I'm sure....but, get a Meater or thermoworks probe. I have both and they work fantastic. I have the 4 probe Meater and 2 probe thermoworks (they do come with 4).

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