Smoked Salmon - Weird after taste


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Mar 5, 2022
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Hello all,
This past weekend I smoke about two pounds of salmon on the PitBoss Laredo 1000. First time smoking salmon on the Pitboss.

I used a smoke tube with alderwood throughout the two hour cooking/smoking period. Temp: 200. I used the exact same brine recipe that I used in my old Mastercraft smoker. Any idea why I would get an unpleasent aftertaste? Too much smoke? Smoked too long? I bummed because that salmon was not even edible. Although my dog has enjoyed it. :)

Thank you in advance for your help.
a delicate meat the salmon is I would go with the to much smoke and I have always used apple wood on my salmon never had bad results and the brine I kind of just throw things together water maple syrup 1/4C of salt and brown sugar I cut back on the salt I made the salmon to salty
You dog is lucky :D What do you mean by weird taste? Salty, rotten, watery?
I had that when I used iodized salt or a new aluminum pan. But it may have been my imagination?

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