Smoke out of lid


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Jun 27, 2020
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I have a pit boss Austin xl. Smoke is pouring out the left side of the lid. Tried to adjust the lid did not work.
do you see a gap difference from the left side compare to the right side. I just curious to see if the grill lid is damaged. It is normal for smoke to leak out of the lid, but normally is not much.
No noticeable gap. But it doesn’t completely seal. When I push down on the handle the left side does shut fully. It’s a very very small gap
I get smoke from my lid on both sides and the top. Do you feel the lid is bent or the hinge is damaged or off?
Fixed it. Really dumb there was two small strip magnets. One was right on the edge. Not sure why there was 2 magnets but I removed them
Bad QA? I have yet to do my front lid gasket mod, but now I'm wondering if the right move is to glue magnets there, so that they hold the list tightly closed.

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