smoke control knob on 4-1 Memphis grill

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Aug 12, 2022
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Hello everyone! We recently purchased a Pitboss 4-1 Memphis grill, there is a smoke controller knob, I have read the manual & search on the internet, but I cannot find out exactly when to use it. I assume that it controls to amount of smoke, hence the name. but what element is it used for used with? I would appreciate it if someone could tell be more info on this mysterious knob. :) We are wanting to smoke a brisket on the propane side, Any recommendations?
I see there was never an answer here.....but that knob simply attaches to a slider that allows airflow from the smoker box into the Gas side of the grill..... So you'll want to be burning some chips or something in the smoker below if you're slow cooking your brisket in the gas side to add a little smoke flavor. Is the brisket too big for the smoker? That would be your better bet so that it sits much more concentrated smoke than up in the gas side.

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