Series 3 electric heating very slow


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Oct 8, 2020
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New Mexico
I just bought this series 3 electric and the instructions say to bring it to 350 or above for 30-40 minutes for burn off. I have had it running 1.2 hours and I am at 280. Is that normal for these units?
No, it should run around 340-360 at that temp. Might be a bad RTD probe on the inside, call customer support and leave a call back number.
I opened a case online with them last night. The needed the model and to know if I registered the unit. I thought that was strange since they should have seen that in my account but I provided that info and I am waiting on the response. I may give them a call if I don’t hear from them by the end of the day.

Thanks for confirming that I am not losing my mind.
yes, give them a call. If you are waiting for your online case they might respond by 2095. I have never heard about anyone having any luck with an online case including myself so I usually just call them.
I did do a case on the web site. I heard back on the locking wheel ( I was suppose to have 2 and it had only one) and they said they would place it in the mail. I decided to call and left a call back number. About an hour later they called back. They are sending a new temperature probe. I don’t believe that wil solve it but you have to start somewhere.

Thanks a lot and I will keep you posted on the end result
If anything you will have an extra probe and that is always good because at some point it will fail.

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