Series 2 electric more smoke!


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Oct 20, 2020
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Kelowna, B.C. Canada
When your trying to keep the temp lower and still smoke, I found using the charcoal lighter cubes a help. I cut off a few small pieces, put into chip tray and light, throwing some chips around the lit cube pieces. This will ignite the chips once you have small fires going, blow them out and insert the tray into smoker. This should add more smoke without turning the heat up to 250F again or ever!
I know this is kinda off, but I'm thinking of using some charcoal briquets in the smoker pan and using wet chips, like In do in my kingsford. This should allow me to smoke and also cook at lower temps! One thing I can't do using just the electric. I have the technology to achieve a slow cook and keep the smoke coming. I was concerned about this issue before buying the series two blue, but a little extra effort should give me the results I want?. The charcoal set up is a pain to maintain a fairly constant temp for longer cooks, that why I wanted the electric. This should work nicely!
Curious to know how it turns out. I have yet to see a Pit Boss "chip" smoker in my area, everything is pellet in the stores around here. That blue smoker you have looks nice.
I really like the size, I ordered off included a cover as well that fits perfectly. I oboe there's a for U.S.!

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