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The temperature on my pb 440 pellet grill will rise to 350⁰ to 375⁰ and drop to 200⁰ in the grill when I have the temperature on the control set at 250⁰. Is this normal?
Always ensure the slots of your drip tray (blue) and sear plate (red) are seated securely so they do not leak heat directly onto the digital temperature probe (yellow). Lots of problems lately with low and high temperature issues due to this; flameout and flare ups . Additionally, after a while the radiant heat buildup in your drip tray from the firepot being immediately adjacent to the digital temperature probe might be affecting your temperatures

Primarily, make sure all your plates are installed tightly. With those smaller barrels the firepot is immediately adjacent to the digital temperature probe. Any gaps or leaks from shifted plates or from dirt or debris under the drip tray creating a leak will throw the firepot heat directly on to the digital temperature probe and cause it to shut down the auger (flameouts or ERH errors) because it’s reading a higher temperature than it actually is.


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