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Bob D.

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Sep 29, 2021
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Just got my PBV4PS2 Smoker. When I registered, did not get a return email nor promo code. Did i do something wrong here?
Welcome to the group. I got a promo code when I registered mine over a year ago but did not see anything I would need.'ll love this smoker, I have the same one. Double check with them as I received a % off which I bought 2 more probes.
Yes I did call Pit Boss. Looks like i was registered but on the US site. Need to do on a .ca site as per PB. They fixed it. Also had a damaged pellet cover and they said they will replace but no stock. Now I have a controller problem. When using MPC probe, Smoker was set at 225, Once the meat probe reached temp (145 was the set point) the smoker is to maintain 180 . But goes down way below and keeps going . all the way to 145. Then I shut it down and pulled the loin out. If I was not here looks like it would of cooled right down.

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