Probe Issues


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May 9, 2021
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Kill Devil Hills NC
The Series 4 Vertical has probes that work & then go to 32 degrees..........anyone else have this issue or know the solution? TIA
I had the same issue with PB probes. I use a thermopro 20 from Amazon, it's on the money.
My original Pit Boss probe read a little off then I got the 2 pack replacement probes at Lowe's for $29.oo and they are right on!
Good to know I'm not the only one that has inaccurate probes. They read about 20 degrees high. Wish there was a way to calibrate the sensor, but sounds like it'll just be easier to buy a probe thermometer.
Thanks for the help. Too bad suck a great smoker comes with crap probes!! Thought the fine salt air in the Outer Banks had done in another thing :)
My Pitboss probes seemed reasonably accurate when checked with a Thermoworks pop. Now I use a Thermoworks Smoke probe which I am confident in. Of course it makes a difference where the probe is inserted.
All four of my PB probes are with in 5° of my ink bird probes. Takes them a little longer settle in.
It's sad that if you the APP installed on any device you have. Makes the grill go stupid on temp control.

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