Pro series 4 grease collection


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Apr 10, 2021
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Grand island NY
I have the Pro-Series 4 Vertical Smoker and have used it about 5 times. Even though it's level, I've noticed that the grease tray doesn't ever have grease in it, yet I'm emptying/scraping out grease from the bottom vent cover and water tray. I line the water tray with foil, but it's quite the clean-up after a few pork butts and wings. Just wondering if this is normal or if there are suggestions? Thanks.
Do you have the PBV4PS2 model? If so, is your heat deflector plate in backwards? The little handle is not a handle but is a stop and should be installed where it hits the back wall.
Sweet baby Jesus. It was. Talk about a new Pit Boss rookie move! Thanks so much Mike. Will be testing this weekend!
Let us know how you made out. If you noticed when the heat shield is in correctly, there's a good pitch for the grease and stuff to run into the grease tray in the rear left corner.