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Aug 13, 2021
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Northwest Indiana
I was bought an 820 D3 for my birthday July 24, 2021 by my wife and daughter.
It was brought home and with help it was assembled. Upon opening the box before assembling the handle on the pellet box was found bent. (There was no damage to the box).

I called customer service and let them know about the damage. They said a new box shell would be sent out immediately.
I used the unit several times waiting for the part and found it was not heating up properly. This was verified by an independent thermometer.
I called customer service again and they said they would send out a new controller board and temp probe for the left side of the fire box along with a new lid thermometer.

The board showed up yesterday and nothing else. I called customer service(08-12-2021) and asked where the probes and lid thermometer and box shell were at.
I was informed the box was now not available and I couldn't get it, ever. They said they can't send in the mail because they get damaged.
I asked why I was told three weeks ago I could get it? The rep said it was a mistake to tell me I would get it.

They were sending the new thermometer and probe and I spoke to supervisor. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and was informed he would call me. He never did. I called corporate headquarters today (08-13-2021) and spoke to a supervisor. I felt like I was wasting his time by his attitude. All communication is recorded and my frustrations were showing when I say I will be speaking to school families about my experience with Pit Boss. I ended the call letting them know I want to like their product but lost interest in trying to get them to cover the damage to a new grill. I hope they make it as a company. They did say to just "take it back to Lowes and let them handle the problem, that's the deal we have with them".
Wow, talk about passing the buck.
For any supervisor or corporate employee reading this, just listen to the recordings to see if what I say is true.
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