Pitboss wifi question and replacement parts


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Jan 17, 2022
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Hello all. So I started a smoke, and I did not clean the ash. So it caught on fire. I dumped water in there, and the pellets inside ceased the auger. I got the auger out. And now the auger motor is not working. I have the austin xl. I see a kit on amazon for 56.99. It's the auger motor. The fan, and an ignitor as well as the bay they pellets fall into that light from the probe. Or am I better off ordering g the parts from pit boss. I like the Austin xl, but I hate the. Ontroller. I have a smaller pitboss, and I got all replacement from parts from smoke daddy. The new controller allowed to go up in increments of 5 degrees. Right now everything is apart, so I was looking at the pitboss smoke it controller. Does this allow you to dial any temp you want, or dies it go by 50 like the rest. I was watching a video called weekday brisket. The guy used a trager with wifi. He started the smoke at 7 t 190 degrees. He woke up and wrapped it, and cranked the heat to 250. He hade a probe and once the meat got to 203 degrees, the smoker went to keep warm. Can the pit boss app do all of this. Sorry for the rambling, type os. Thanks in advance
Call Pit Boss Tech support 877 303 3134 option 2, tell them your auger died, hopefully they send a new one for free.
Yep they should send a new moto don't tell them you put water in it. Just tell them nothing happens.

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