Pit Boss Temp at 500 Degrees


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Jul 13, 2020
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I left my Austin XL on over night, ran out of pellets. I took it apart, cleaned it, went through the restart procedure. Now, I can’t turn on using the temp Control, i have to use the on/off switch. Once it’s on the target temp reads 500, and temp control does not work. Did I miss something in the restart, do I need to re-set somehow?
It sounds to me your internal probe went bad. This recently happened to me and I would only get temps of 500. I swapped out the probe and problem solved.


Pit Boss said they would send a new one but after about 8 weeks I got tired of waiting and ordered the one above and it delivered in one day. The day it arrived I got notification from Pit Boss that the RTD probe they sent me had finally shipped so I will just hold on to that one for the time being.

edit: after reading your post closer it sounds like your controller went out. I would contact PB support 1-877-303-3134 and leave a callback number. Never let it run out of pellets. I have never done anything overnight as I prefer not to leave it alone during a long cook just for safety reasons. Sometimes I will start a cook at 3AM but I am an early riser anyway so I start it up and then periodically check on it but never leave it unattended for a long period of time.

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