Pit Boss Pro Series Gray Gas and Pellet Combo Grill - Lowes - Temperature seems to run high


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Jul 10, 2023
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I purchased the PB1100PSC3 from Lowes. When I set the PID temperature to a specific temperature like 225 degrees, the grill heats up to about over 30 degrees higher than what I set it to. I have a PB1100PSC2 at my winter home. When I set the temperature on that PID/grill it seems to hold a steady temperature. I've not been able to get through to Pit Boss support yet, so thought I would see if anybody experienced this problem. I've updated the grill to the lastest firmware when I loaded and connected the app. Any insight would be appreciated.
They said it is possible for a 25-30 degree temperature swing inside the smoker. They were going to email me some details on this, but I didn't receive it. They said we could further troubleshoot it with me as well, but it was raining. So, I may follow up with them more and also look at how my sensor is positioned. I should be l clean though. Just not sure why it would run hotter than my other one.

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