Pit Boss Platinum Laredo

Haven't seen this one yet. My Walmart still has one KC Combo left at around $650 on clearance. The Masterbuilt 560 Gravity Series I had my eye on is gone. I was waiting for them to drop the price even more.
I didn't know they made a vertical with the PID. Not too sure I like the doors as I think I would prefer a single door

Platinum Brunswick



Maybe this was a flop? I have never seen it and Walmart has them out of stock. If you search for them on Google a link for the Pit Boss website comes up but then when you click it, it says "product not found".
I have only done my burn in on the Laredo. It seems to be very well built. The app isn’t great. But I suspect it will be updated

What r your specs on the inside of the smoker grate size and distance between each grate
I would like to know how stable is the temperature when cooking, and more specifically on low smoke? I have the tailgater 340 and experience very large temperature swings. I would like to upgrade, this model seems interesting, but I do not want another grill that has such temp swings..
I cooked a brisket for 12 hours and it was able to maintain +- 10 degrees. Had a great smoke ring.


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Not too bad for the price

I just returned my 1150 Pro Series for this Laredo 1000! I had the Temp issues as everyone else did with the 1150 so i decided to give this a try and love it so far ! Pitboss has redeemed themselves in my books. An extra bonus is that it has a 275 setting and a dome light for early or late cooks where there is no sunlight.

It’s every bit as “heavy duty” as the Pro Series 1150. Very High gauge steel!

I also like that the ash clean out is up front, very easy access. The overall design of the barrel is more efficient, it has 3 tiers of cooking and uses the space very well. The only thing I miss that my Pro Series had was the diamond shaped grill grates, the Laredo 1000 has the standard vertical grill grates. More importantly this thing gets up to the set temp and holds it. I’ve noticed about a 40 degrees temp variance in the barrel and that was just using PB probes on the grate surface. My center /left is hotter on this. Whereas the 1150 was the opposite, right side was hotter.

So far I’ve only smoked salmon and a spiraled ham. Both turned out great!

I’m still getting to know my grill, but No Complaints over here!

Stay tuned for more updates...

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This has a different PID controller than the new Pro Series models. So far these seem to work better and I believe they increase in 5 degree increments.
Does anyone have any insight into when these might be back in stock at walmart? I contacted Pit Boss but have not heard back. The Laredo seems to be a better option for me right now than the 850 or 1150 with all of the reported issues with those.

Also, does the Laredo go up by 5 or 10 or 25 degree increments? I know with the 850 (1150 has the fix to send in to get corrected) it goes from 250 to 300 to 350 etc. I want to make sure I can get close to 275

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