Pit boss app not working


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Jun 13, 2021
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Hutto TX
I just bought a pro series 1100 that’s part smoker and part regular grill I downloaded the pit boss app and followed the instructions but when I go to the page where you pick which grill you have it says information page not found. When I click on any of the icons at the bottom takes me to a page it says the same thing information page not found. I would love to hook this up to my phone part of the reason why I bought it, any ideas what might be wrong I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled and it’s the same problem yes my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both on. TIA


May 28, 2021
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N Ga Mountains
Hey buddy. You’ll probably find a lot of opinion etc about that app in here. I’ve got a different smoker but I believe the same app. Pit Boss Smoke IT?
im using it on a mew vertical PBV4PS2. When I first downloaded and connected it went flawlessly. I only used it to monitor with the first couple times. When i started making temp changes etc it was awfully sensitive and got plain buggy. To the point I got aggravated and just uninstalled. A couple cooks later I caved and redownloaded and installed again. I remember it jumping all over the map with the models etc for me to choose from. So I uninstalled again. Put it back. This time it wasn’t so jumpy and let me pick my cooker Bluetooth connected. And I THOUGHT WiFi did. About an hour later my iPhone showed a notification it wanted to connect to my WiFi network. And asked for password. Very first time around it just connected. I assume it auto connected as im using the Plume Mesh system and have certain permissions granted.
anyway I gave the pw and it showed WiFi connected.
SO FAR this time it seems to be functioning. I always double check any changes I make. Youre not gonna want to hear this but the app is still pretty buggy. And in my case i had to download and reconnect a few times before it got to where it is now.
it’s kinda cool. I like monitoring with it. But there’s no way I’d trust it to just ’go for it”. That's just my experience. If you can’t get it to act right in a few tries I’d suggest calling them. I’ve heard some good stories about them being very helpful. If I have anymore probs myself that’s what I will do. Good luck !