Pit Boss and DIY Mods on the Wish List


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Jun 2, 2024
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Lake Charles, La
I would like to know what mods have been done to your pellet grill or vertical smoker. I know I just started with my PBV4PS2 but I can visualize some improvements.
1. Controller Upgrade of course. 5 degree steps or infinite steps on temp. A way to calibrate the controller. More than three inputs for temperature sensors.
2. An option for a rack shelf about 1 1/2" down from top inside for meat hooks to hang ribs or sausage. Also option for more shelves inside.

I love to DIY stuff but it has to look like the unit came with it and professional.

This is result I'm going after. So if you have a wish list or have done mods and have a thread please link it so I can check them out in case it's something I would like to do also.
I have the PBV4PS2 and love it, it did have the controller with 25-degree increments, but that was not good when brand new and the new controller has the 10-degree increments.
Meat hooks would be nice but not a dealbreaker not having them.
Got some goodies on the way.

Extra Wire Shelves. Plan is to use small Alum Angle to increase shelf count and place one close to top for meat hooks.
Cooking Grates1.jpg

Stainless Steel Meat hooks, already have some 2" have 4" on the way.
meat hooks1.jpg

Temp Probe Grommets, no deforming of door gasket or crimping of probe wires.
Meat Thermometer Probe Grommet1.jpg

Magnetic Pellet chute just to make life easier when emptying pellet bin.
Pellet Grill Magnetic Helper Chute1.jpg

Still doing research on the controller upgrade.

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