Pit Boss 850PS2 Control Board Replacement


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Apr 2, 2022
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Bought the PB850 Pro Series 2 back in 2021 at a Lowe's. Followed all instructions for initial use. Was able to use it twice before the control board took a crap on me. To my fault, I did not pursue a warranty claim within the warranty time frame.

I have read on other forums that there are aftermarket control boards that are of better quality. Can someone please point me in the right direction to a site or provide a name of a company that has replacement boards? Anything I have found on the Pit Boss website will not work for my model of smoker.

I have read thru the forums here, with no luck. Thanks in advance for the help.
Call customer support 877 303 3134 option 2. If you bought it last year it is still under the 5-year warranty. Instruction should come with the new controller, or in your owner's manual.
They have a 5 year warranty, call Pit Boss and they should send one for free. Just tell them you don't know what happened, it just stopped working. Tell them you already checked all the wires and they are fine.