Pit Boss 820psi auger malfunctioning


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Sep 27, 2020
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Surprise, AZ
Prime button not functioning as intended. When system is turned onto smoke or temperature, the auger continues to run, feeding excess fuel into the auger box housing. Overtime this overflows the auger housing and spills pellets to the bottom of the grill causing flare ups.

When dropping the hopper and looking at the wiring diagram in the owner’s manual, the wiring seems to be all wrong.

First, does anyone know where I can get a good wiring diagram to look at? Second, when switching the wires to where they should be, (according to the owner’s manual) the auger still continues to run non-stop.

please help
switch the auger wire and the fan wire to the control board they have it backwards. The wiring diagram in the manual is best as you can get.
I switched the wires, now my question is; is the auger supposed to continuously turn?
No, it should run for a bit then turn off. It goes thru cycles. I would call Pit Boss customer service and leave a call back number or message them on Facebook. 1-877-303-3134
My Austin XL just started with the auger continuing to run. It operated fine for the first few smokes. About 2 hours into a pork butt, the auger started running continuously causing a massive overflow (and obviously no heat). I reset the entire grill, and it worked fine. The next smoke the following week, it ran fine for over an hour, and then the auger started turning continuously. This time, i couldn't get it to operate normally. Makes no sense to me.

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