Pellet storage question

Hi all,
When grilling almost everyday do you store your pellets that are still in the hopper?
It’s been light raining where I’m at for several days.
is there any issue or concern for not emptying the hopper?
Should I get a huge decedent pack to help remove the moisture if I let the pellets sit in the hopper?

And FYI now sift every bag of pellets. I had zeros issues with the hickory, but I got 4 bags of competition and found huge chunks of wood, one peice of plastic (quarter size) and about 100 pellets that had paint on them!!!

had a back burning problem, cleaned the burn pot out and had plastic burned up and blocking the pellets.
I store my pellets in Lowes 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids. They work well and are sealed. My wife, however, is not happy with stacks of those buckets in our family room.

Will be trying other brands after I finish some of the Pit Boss pellets I now have. Looking for more smoke flavor.
Anyone who comes in my garage must think I work for Lowes... :cautious:
I store my pellets in the Oklahoma Joe’s buckets. They include a scoop and a metal bucket insert so the dust can fall to the bottom.
I know this is an old thread and after reading it. This is what I decided to go with for now since my pellets will be stored outside in a deck box. They are currently on sale $21.71 and are right at 10 gallon capacity. The Gamma2 Vittles Vault Dog Food Storage Container 35 lb size. Same price at, and Amazon. Just a FYI if someone else is in need.


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