Pellet newbie here.

Hillbilly Style BBQ

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Aug 19, 2020
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I'm new to the pellet smoker world. Bought a 1 year old Whiskey Still because every hillbilly needs a whiskey still right.?.

I am in southeast Kansas.

Now I'm not new to the BBQ/smoking world. Been a tried and true stick burner for probably 17 years, started with a Brinkman upright electric smoker 3 years prior. Been at it a total of 20 years.

Still have my small stick burner that I designed and my dad & I built plus my 72" JR Enterprises stick burner as well. Just being the wife & I 90% of the time we wanted something she could learn and use while I'm at work.

Anyway happy to be here. Looking forward to learning more.

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