PBV5PL "ERR" code, flashing igniter


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Apr 23, 2022
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Finally got to use my Pit Boss yesterday, smoked 3 racks for ribs and two chickens. All went flawlessly (other than the SmokeIT app) and the food was delicious. After cooldown, I cleaned the cook chamber, emptied the ash, etc. I wanted to do another burn-off after cleaning and ran into a problem.

At about 160 degrees, (set for 400, but any temp above "no setting" does this), the igniter icon started flashing, and "ERR" is displayed. The igniter stops heating and the fire gradually goes out.

I exposed the fire pot by removing the heat shield, grease shield, and water pan. Verified that the auger is dispensing pellets and PRIME works as intended. The igniter DOES work to get the fire going.

In the book that came with the unit, it says if the igniter icon is flashing, there is a problem with the ignited (huh.), but everything online says "ERR" means a problem with the temperature probe.

Anyway, I examined the igniter, it is adjusted correctly and clear of debris. I did not clean it (one cook so far, and it looks clean). I ordered a new igniter, but I am wondering if the problem may actually be with the temperature probe.

Please note, the unit was damaged in shipping (hopper fill door mangled and back of auger box caved in. The auger was bound, but we fixed that by disassembling the auger box and bending the metal casing back into shape to fee the auger fan. As I say, it worked flawlessly for an 8 hour cook yesterday.

Your suggestions? Igniter or temp probe?
When you get the ERR code what was blinking? Could be 7 different things, if the ignitor was blinking, check the wires that they are connected firmly and not loose, if their tight call customer support for a new one under warranty.
I think if the ignitor is flashing its the ignitor. I had a similar problem and it progressively got worse until it wouldn't fire up . Once I replaced the ignitor it worked great. If it's still under warranty call pitboss . They have great customer service
Ignitors are avail on Amazon. I had PB send me under warranty, I have a spare from Amazon just in case it happens again.

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