PB1100PCS2 Smoke Bar

Russ M

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Aug 13, 2021
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Minden, NV
I purchased this unit with the perception that I could cold smoke, or at least warm smoke, meat on the gas side of the grill by shunting smoke from the pellet side to the propane side by using the smoke adjusting bar, There is a chimney on the propane side which also encourages belief that smoke will travel through that barrel. The top of the barrel on the pellet side has three large vent holes which, unfortunately, make it easier for the smoke to depart in that direction.
As far as I can determine, there are no written instructions except the cryptic entry in the manual regarding using the "Smoke adjusting bar" to control the amount of smoke. The smoke adjusting bar opens a low passage between the two barrels. The smoke, however, seems to prefer exiting through the vents on the pellet barrel. This is a classic case of smoke and mirrors. It looks like you can cold smoke, but you can't. Please tell me I'm wrong, and there is some guidance on this somewhere.
Came across this video when I was doing my grill research. First part has work around if this is the problem you are describing.
I cold smoke on mine as well, and if you want to "force more smoke through" get some 3/4 in steel plugs to plug the 5 holes on the back. Easily available at any hardware store and removable afterwards. I leave three in all the time ...

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