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Charlie P.

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Oct 6, 2021
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So I have my new Austin XL. Installed a fire pot heat diffuser. Still waiting for the thermometer shield. But as I understand it, if I set my P setting to P0, that would be the maximum amount of smoke? But won't it also get the hottest? I have a smaller 4.14lb Boston butt I want to smoke. I also have a 12" smoke tube I have not tried yet and I plan on adding to the pork cook. Since it's a smaller cut, would I leave the setting on smoke for the whole cook until it reaches temp? Or would P0 be an option? Or leave it at the default P4 with the smoke tube? Any suggestions?
I'd honestly would leave the P setting alone and add a smoke tube if you want even more smoke flavor. Son in-law has the Austin XL for years and will smoke two 10-pound butts, always comes out great.
I did use my smoke tube for the 1st time. Also, this was my 1st real smoke session since I got the grill. I used a charwood hickory charcoal wood pellet with PB Competition blend mixed in. But Comp blend only in the smoke tube. 4+ lb boston butt, 2 pre flavored pork tenderloins, 2 lbs fresh Chorizo sausage, 1 lb sweet Italian sausage, 1 lb Columbian Blood sausage "Morcillas". Some fresh Bosnian bread I bought locally and sliced and crisped them up just before serving with a Bosnian Roasted red pepper/eggplant spread and some Greek giant beans in a tomato sauce! Everything was great!! Smoky flavor was restaurant quality! Happy Camper!!