Outside temp today killed my cook


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May 11, 2020
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Savannah Stoker controller or not today it hit 98 degrees and it felt like 100 degrees. Did some baby rack 3-2-1 process and I had the grill under the canopy not in direct sunlight. Holy smokes I chased that temp on that grill the entire time. It was set at 200 and it reached 320 at times and that fan was going on - off-on-off this is the first time I have seen that before. I normally use the pellet grill in my seperate garage since it has a exhaust fan and nothing is in there to get smokie. I had my boat in it as I was working on the engine so the story goes outside temp plays a huge role and I knew it too. So I took the boat out and start the grill back up and it stayed stable at 200 - 205 for the rest of the cook, but the ribs were not as good lessen learn do not change a thing.
I live in Florida and the past couple of weeks we have had 95-98 degree temps but actual temps have been 100-104 so it is pretty hot and humid. I do my cooks under a covered carport and even in the shade it is still 100 degrees. I have not noticed any swings on my vertical, it holds pretty steady. Sometimes I'll skip a weekend cook just because it is too dang hot. I don't expect it to cool off here until Oct. Once the 90's get here they stay for a LONG time and the past two summers have been the hottest in the 20 years we have lived here but that might have to do with the lack of shade trees -- Hurricane Michael did a number on my oaks, I lost 5 shade trees in the backyard and only have 1 left and it is not doing well at all, may have to cut it down. The top half of that tree fell during the storm and now it seems the rest of the tree just wants to die.

I used to complain that I had so many oaks in the backyard that the grass would not grow. Now I complain that there are no shade trees and the grass grows so fast I have to mow it non-stop! I would rather have my shade oaks back than to have a green yard hahaha.

Summers in TN can be hot as well, I know! Talked to my dad in TN yesterday and it has been as hot there as it is here.
I've done 2 smokes 1 6hr & 1 17 hr so far with my KC Combo here in Texas. Both times it was over 95. No problems here.
I fixed the issue the autotune setting went crazy because it was set because I always used inside my garage and this was the first time outside.

I am doing some ribs now outside and it is running perfect after i adjusted the controller.

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