Not sure what to make of this issue...


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Jul 1, 2021
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Statesboro, Ga
Hi all;
I noticed 6 months ago that my display was getting hard to read but didnt think much of it as I never trust onboard temp readouts anyhow and use my Meatr thermometers for accuracy... But the other day, I went to use the grill, and it wouldn't power up. Tested the power source and it lit up a strand of lights but no joy from the smoker. Figured it was fuses, got some fuses and went to switch it out, but decided to test it just before I did, it powered up. A few days later, feeling confident in my grill again, I go to warm it up for dinner, and the blue power button is lit up, but as soon as I turn the temp knob, the power button goes out and nothing happens. Am I looking at a board problem or an igniter problem?

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