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Nov 26, 2020
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Minneapolis, MN
Hey all, so I have had my pro series 820 for about a year now. Everything has been working fine until now. I clean my firebox often, after a few times. But now I will put in smoke setting and and it seems it will only go up to 160 on P4 settings but will fluctuate, go down to 130 then start flashing and then smoke will start billowing (white smoke). So today I took out the grates cleaned my temp probes and and just watched it and everything seemed to work just fine. Put it all together and let it get up to temp. Had it on P4 smoke setting (mine gets up to about 185 on p4). Threw the turkey on and low and behold same issues. Can someone explain. Not sure what the deal is. Seems like I'm not getting enough oxygen to my firebox. Don't know im lost. Thanks ahead of time.
I would call PB customer support pronto and see if they can help you over the phone. Might be a bad RTD temp probe (the probe on the inside).
Im having same issues with my 820 sportsman. PB is sending me a new temp sensor, should be here on Friday. This dropping of temps below the threshold and dumping pellets to try to catch up is not only frustrating, but very dangerous! I had smoke coming from my hopper when this happens. And you are right it bellows white smoke terribly!! I will post if the new temp sensor cures this issue..
34 degrees.

34 degrees on the Smoke setting is really pushing it and the reason is the smoke setting works on pause fluctuation and it is trying to keep up with the temp so it is sending more pellets and smoldering too much which is dropping the temp.

You right when you take everything out it is going to get more air flow due to the outside temp and once you cover it then you are fighting the 34 degrees.
Hello, installed my new temp sensor. Did not fix this 40 to 50 degree temp fluctuation issue. I noticed grilling at 225 for ribs or pork butt I get big fluctuations. I grilled a turkey at 250 and temp was surprisingly more accurate. I also added two ceramic bricks next to the temp sensor to try to help maintain temp. I think it does help a bit, but at 225 it is still erratic. I have a question about the P setting. I know you have to set it in the smoke mode, but once set does it adjust the auger times throughout the temp settings?? Or does it JUST pertain to the smoke setting??

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