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Diamond Lil

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Apr 28, 2021
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Norwalk Iowa
Hi, just received my Pit Boss Lexington model, managed to put it together and tried Pork ribs at the 3- 2 -1 method and just wasn't enough smoke flavor compared to my old Master built upright that used chips? I used apple pellets from Fleet Farm, Do I need to change to Hickory maybe? Any suggestions for brand?
Pellet smokers typically have less smoke flavor than other smokers. I suggest a smoke tube. I have 2 and you can burn pellets or wood chips. The pellets will last much longer in a smoke tube than chips will. Just search on Amazon for pellet smoke tube and you will see them there. Or stop by Walmart, Lowe's or Ace they may have them in store.
Try competition blend. Works well for me. Don't be afraid to put your meat on top rack close to chimney. Leave it on smoke for longer than you normally would using a stick smoker. I go upwards of 5 hours as long as temp stays good

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