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New to Group, PBV5PS1 Control Board compatible with PBV4PS1


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Jul 20, 2021
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Cabot Arkansas
I have a Pit Boss Pro Series PBV4PS1 for past 2yrs with no problems until now. Contacted Dansen and Control Board is Backordered till next month.
Question, Can I use the Series 5 control board to replace the one in my Series 4? I see them available (aftermarket) between $45-80.
I have a family gathering at EOM that I need my smoker back up and running for.
Thanks in advance!
Call Pit Boss Tech support they will know for sure about that. 877-303-3134 option 2
Got email from Danson that there was a delay in shipment of the control boards for the PB4 PSV1, however they are sending me a "different control board which will work with your unit, the only difference is that the ground wire will be a little bit shorter than the ground wire on the original control board, which means you would have to connect the new ground wire." They said once they get the shipment in for mine, they will send it out to me too.

Also found the paperwork on the protection plan that came with mine from LOWES. They are willing to replace it with the PB4 PSV2 which is smaller (1055 in compared to 1355 in), no PB5s in stock.