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Apr 24, 2020
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Kalamazoo, MI
Finally got the new temp probe installed. The hardest part was getting screws removed. Once I got everything apart I noticed another problem. The sheer pin that connects the motor to the augur was broken. This is the second time this has happened to me! Called Pit Boss and they are shipping a new one out today. I have a spare already but expect this to happen again. Got the temp probe connected and trying it out now. So far no ErH errors but I have it set on 225 and it won't go below 265. But at least it is working and not jumping all over the place. I'm gonna let it run for a while. No plans for cooking today just wanted to get this fixed. It's not even noon here yet and already 97 degrees.


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Used it today and it works better than the old one. I did some chickens slow on the vertical smoker then used the pellet grill to finish them off at 500. Not as many swings as with the old probe. Sure, it would go to 480 and 510 but that's typical just no 50-100 degree swings. Best of all no ErH codes.

I started it off on smoke. Never got above 190. Then to 250 and it didn't get hotter than 265. 400 next and stayed between 400-415. Finally cranked it up to high so no issues at all.

Did the chickens at 175 on the vertical for 90 min. Then 250 for 30 min and then 350 about 20 min until the internal temp was 162. Finished them off on the pellet grill at 500.

Also this is the first time the probe that came with my Pit Boss had an accurate temp. It used to be 40-50 degrees off, this time my Chugod probe had 160 degrees, Pit Boss probe had 162 so glad that seems to be working at least for this cook.

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