new pit boss owner first pellet grill does not smoke enough what can i doo any help would be great.

Not sure what model you have, but I know from the research I've done recently the newer pellet smokers aren't designed to have that overwhelming amount of smoke presence. My previous pellet smoker was about 10 years old and I would smoke out the neighborhood.
I trade smoke tubes and two of them at times…. it really doesn’t give you much more smoke flavor it’s a Band-Aid… if you don’t like real smoke flavor pellet grills are great or are they pellet ovens
help with more smoke
I have the PBV5. If I start it manually I can set the cook temp from 150* on up in 5* increments. This will lay down smoke for as long as I want it. It is a wispy white smoke which IMO is good. After 4 hours (give or take a few) the meat has absorbed all the nitrates it can absorb.

The app doesn't allow this.

If you are anywhere down south of the Mason Dixon set up in the best shade you can find or start at 2AM! If the sun gets on mine I don't need auxiliary heat source Bahahahaha.

Smoker leveled out a 160* and the smoke looks really good and in full daylight shade the smoke is very visible. When I engage the app I lose this control.
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