New PBV4 S2 question


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May 28, 2021
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N Ga Mountains
Just picked this thing up from Lowe’s yesterday. A little Leary from the mixed reviews. Got a little Hammertone series 2 that’s been dependable as heck.
anyway probably a dumb question but I set up to don’t he burn off on this thing today. I saw in the manual it would automatically hear to 350 in auto start??
Anyway after starting and all going well I pressed the knob in just to see what it said and it just said 5. I looked and couldn’t find anything about that. Is it a code for auto start or something ?
well me being me I shut it down. Proper. Cool down cycle. And this time I set it for 350.
only took about 28 minutes to hit it.
auger smoke everything seemed normal. But what’s up with the 5??
I’d this is a dumbzzzz question. Feel free to tell me. Lol.