New 4 Series Vertical Won't Ignite

dirty smoke

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Nov 14, 2020
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Picked up a "Pit Boss Pit Boss Pro Series Mahogany" at Lowes today. Finished assembly a couple of hours ago. Got ready to do the burn in and the igniter does not get hot.

According to my Fluke IR thermometer, the igniter is getting to a max of about 120F. Igniter rods are supposed to hit, what, 1000F?

So... Take it back or wait for parts? I wanted to get this ran through it paces early this week so as to be ready for Thanksgiving.
Sounds like you have a bad ignitor out of the box. Either return it or call Pit Boss for a free replacement.
I returned it yesterday evening, got another and finished assembling it around 8:30. Did the burn in from 9:00 to 9:45. So far, so good!

Although the extra 50 mile round trip and the lost time due to assembling another was an annoyance, the door fits much better on this one, so there is that at least.

Will be trying some chicken thighs with apple pellets today.
Wife said it was awesome. I couldn't quite tell as my taste buds are a bit messed up right now.

10 lbs of thighs coated liberally with a homemade rub. About an hour at 225 and and 45 minutes at 400. Had an A-maze-n tube on the bottom rack also.

Skin on the thighs wasn't quite where I wanted it, but next time I will pull them out a little earlier and finish them over charcoal.
Skin on chicken can be tricky, I think I have gotten it right about half the time. Normally near the end of the cook I will crank it up to 300 for a about a half hour to try and get crispy skin. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'll eventually find that sweet spot.
I had the same issue with same smoker, called the 800# and they told me to unscrew the chimney all the way and try again. Has worked great since. (I know you don’t need the advise since you got a new one, but hoping to save the next guy from a 50 mile round trip exchange)

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