Moved from a Masterbuilt gravity to a Pro Series II 850


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May 21, 2024
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After doing some research I decided to replace my Masterbuilt Gravity charcoal with a Pit Boss Pro Series II 850. The build was fairly easy and everything went together really easy and the build quality seems very good. Couple things a noticed/questions for you veteran PB users:
- looks like the 850 I have does not have that air gap which I was pleasantly surprised about.
- during initial burn in a noticed smoke leakage coming from around the lid, out the grease spout and from what I am guessing is the probe port (left hand side near the sear plate lever).

So far so good and I am looking forward to some awesome cooks!
Welcome from Texas to the group!!
Congratulations on the new grill.
You’ll be fine as far as smoke.
There’s a lot of great folks on here 🇺🇸🇨🇱
I have the same one and it does the same as you described. I have never used the PB meat probes. I use the wireless govee therm/probe off amazon . One side will be hotter than the other. It'll take a couple of cooks to figure it out.
My PB meat probes are <3° from my inkbird probes. I just don't trust the app!
I use them but only have the display