Lost Most All Heat Control


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Apr 25, 2020
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Palm Bay, FL
New to the forum, but not new to smoking meat. I have a PB820D that is about 18 mo old. Me and the original controller did net get along - it was very eratic. So I bought a Schloss digital controller and installed it. I didn't know at the time that it essentially is a grill control, no 'P' setting. , We managed to get along with that for bout 14 - 15 months. It kept accurate settings and temps. A couple of weeks ago things started to go away. The last cook, I had to finish the meat on the Blackstone flattop (flat top = flat taste) - could not control the PB at all. Dial set - 275, digital readout 345, cooker temp 450+. It is 'clean' by vacuum standards, and nothing has been replaced. I am looking to try the original controller, and maybe a new temp probe, or a new controller (with smoke setting), but I would like to find out if this is something I did or what...

Any help greatly appreciated.