Looking for a full explanation of the "P" setting.


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Dec 30, 2019
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So it is under my impression that the "P" setting is suppose to help "Dial" in keeping the pit boss temp accurate when you set the desired temp on the nob.

The instruction Manual I got with my AustinXL says it only affects the temperature of the "SMOKE" setting.

Now I know the hoppers and control boards are all the same across several of the Pit Boss series. My question is, What is the P setting supposed to actually do. Does it only affect the temp of the "SMOKE" Setting. Or is it suppose to help stop massive temp swings.

For example. I had a whole packer brisket that I tried to smoke over night. I set the temp to 250, I have 2 third party wireless temp sensors. I had the lowest setting set to 200. I figure a 50 degree margin of error would be enough to keep the alarm going off was right.. So I cleaned the pit boss , emptied the ashtray and prepared for the long cook.

I was SORELY mistaken. Over the course of 8 hours, the pit boss constantly let the fire go out. 4 times to be exact because the temps would plummet. and the alarm would go off and wake me up. I would walk outside just to see the pit boss going through the initial stages of trying to re light the pellets because it let the fire go out. I opened the lid to help speed it up.

So at this point I'm trying to figure out.

A: Every other review of every other smoker I looked online said they would have temp swings between 0 and 25 degree's I find this very acceptable given the fact you are trying to control a live fire.

B: My Pitboss Austin XL is experiencing temp swings in EXCESS of 50 degree's making it just a product I cannot trust at all if I try to cook at 250.. Ever since I started monitoring the internal temp myself. I've found that the "reading" on the inside of the pitboss has never been anywhere near accurate. vs what is being shown on the hopper.

C: If I tell it cook at 300. It does surprising well. But this is to hot , and to fast to get the desired product. I have a vertical box propane smoker and I can dial in 250 on it just fine using the exact same temperature sensors which was a great surprise and just a lot of trial and error.

D. With the 5 year warranty on this thing. I believe at this point I should start warranty claims for a bad hopper / control board / temp prob.

And finally... I'm more then willing to do whatever is suggested before I call customer service and start doing all of these things as I do not want to completely disassemble this thing.

Overall I am extremely disappointed in my purchase. Its the first time pellet smoker I ever bought and I did watch several youtube videos saying this unit was a great bang for the buck. It looks like none of those people either had A. Any idea what they were talking about. Or B. Something is severely wrong with my hopper and or control board / temp probe.

So far though, here's my experience. 10 racks of Ribs. 4 turkeys 8 chickens a whole brisket , several hams, a few steaks using the open fire plate slide, more pork shoulders then I can remember? maybe 8 or 9.

These temperature swings at 250 are really really affecting the consistency of the food and I hope to get some answers here. Thank you all.
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