Lockhart android app not connecting


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Jun 1, 2020
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Lincoln NE
Anyone know how to get this android app to actually connect to the grill and work. Why would they advertise that it works on android when it does not?
Reach out to them on Facebook you might get a quicker response. My friend has one and he gave up trying to connect to his Android phone and believes he is not on the newest Android OS that is why he cannot connect and so he used his wife's iPhone instead.
I was able to get it working. Apparently the app doesn't update on your phone automatically so I went to the app store and updated the app that way and it now works. Not great but it does connect and allow me to control the grill and see temps. However every time I lock my phone or go to another app I have to go through a lengthy reconnect process. I don't know why it can't stay connected when the app is not up on the screen. This is a bug if you ask me (and I have worked in IT and development for 25 years).
@mrwizard96 I tried to update my app at the app store, but I apparently have the latest version. Still won't work. Thanks for the tip though! I did see a comment on the app: "Working under the hood and tuning up the app." Hope they got a Master Mechanic and not a Shade Tree like me working on it! :)}

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