Laredo 1000 auger gets bound up


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Oct 18, 2021
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Crescent springs Kentucky
I've been killing it with my new pitboss 1000 and been keeping up with cleaning also. Alot of cooking for the 1st 2 months. The auger now is getting bound up. Was putting pellets in by hand so I could watch auger turn and will see it stop and if I tap it with something it will take off again but will stop again also. It's like the auger motor needs to be stronger. Why would it be binding up? I'm thinking somebody has had the same problem. Help I need to smoke something!!
Did you check all the connection? Make sure nothing came loose? 877-303-3134 option 2 Pit Boss Tech Support.
Yes I took aufer our a couple times. It runs then you see it hesitate like its hung up on something. I looked through where auger goes to see if the was anything in the hole but it looked clear. I'm going to take it out again and for sure see all through the hole for anything built up like black chard from pellets.
It may be a pellet dust problem. That seemed to be the case for me. Last winter in particular, every once in a while the auger would bind up. I'm thinking it was from condensation forming on the auger dust after shutdown. I was able to free it by thumping on the auger in the hopper bottom and manually turning the fan on the auger motor.

I think there was a thread on here about sifting your pellets before putting them in the hopper. You can buy a sifting screen on Amazon to fit a 5 gallon bucket.
Being the lazy sort, I fitted a cheap bed (or chair) vibrator to the side of the bucket and don't have to shake the screen anymore:rolleyes:!
We'll see what this winter brings. High humidity in southern climates may cause the same thing.
I wonder if you fitted one of those to the hopper if that would help out with the vortex from hell???
Takes it right down to empty! Only possible long-term concern I have is the shaking of the whole pit. I checked all fasteners for tightness, Blue Loctited some (especially the hopper lid hinge bolts since they are not tightened all the way down. Put dielectric grease on all connectors and a dab of RTV to hold them together.
Have done several overnight cooks (8 hours sleep time) and the pellets were almost level 3 inches up from the bottom!