Labor day

I have a 10 lb chuck roast planned. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to cook it whole or cut it into 2 smaller ones. It's quicker and easier to cut it but I like staying up for an overnight cook.
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I’m planning on the family asking at noon if can have a brisket smoked by supper time. I have my answer also planned.
So the decision is in. Ribs. Went to Sam’s club and all that had were spare ribs. Wife wanted baby back but we have what we have. 6 racks in all and it’s a lot of meat. Probably will need a bit more cooking time.
Hmm? I got a 11/21 pork butt in the freezer but I've had request for BEEF.
Guess friends felt like they needed to specify when I said. Fur,feathers, or skin.
Serve a group bambi one time(maybe twoish) years ago and they never let you live it down. LoL
So pulled a rack of dino bones out freezer today. Will peruse a couple butchers tomorrow to see what other beef I can find. LoL

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