IT Light will not Blinking

Karl Pesson

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Feb 20, 2021
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New Iberia la
I am connected via wifi to my PB850PS2 and I can see everything that is going on with my iphone. I can change temperatures and see my probe temperatures. So here's the thing, how do I stop the IT light from blinking or is that even an issue?
you may only be connected thru blue tooth and not wifi, or the other way around.
when mine was tested with 'LightBlue' the light was not blinking anymore but they said my blue tooth signal was too weak, so they sent me a new controller. I will be putting it in this weekend. Supposedly they say it has upgraded blue tooth, I think they mover the antenna.
on mine when you set the temp. thru the app, you wait a minute and the app settings go back to whatever the grill is set at, also when you turn off the grill with the app, the app says your grill is off but it really is still on. so Danny said it has a weak blue tooth signal.

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