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Oct 31, 2021
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Las Vegas
Hello Everyone! I just got a Series 3 and did my first cook the other night. I noticed that the internal thermometer ran about 20 to 30 degrees hotter than an external one I used for a second reference. Is this common and which one is correct? I did end up overcooking my ribs a bit and want to get it right on my second pass. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!

I use a thermoworks smoke with two ambient probes, one on the left and one on the right and trust them.

I no longer trust my PB probe.
I have two remote thermometers, a Thermoworks smoke, and a smoke X4.

I have two ambient temp probes and I've tested them in both base units and on different grills and side by side with other thermometers and they are quite accurate. What I've learned is temp can vary based on location in the pit. On my PB 820, the left side is hotter than the right, and directly over center at the main grate level it is the hottest.

On the vertical smokers, I'm not sure the best way to measure temps.

I've not smoked in a vertical, but I think I'd want an ambient temp probe (aka grate probe) on each level that I have meat until I learn how the temps vary from level to level.

As you learn your smoker, more info is good, and bad. Grate probes are just a guide. Meat probes are early indicators.

Final temp should be measured with a good instant read thermometer ( like a thermapen or equivelent ).

good luck and post some pics of your cooks.
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