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Initial temperature spikes!


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Apr 4, 2020
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I have a new PB1150 Navigator and after initial burn in, I started the grill on "smoke" as directed. When the smoke dissipated, I set the desired temperature to 225 and the cook temperature shot up to 285 before very slowly going back down to the desired temperature of 225 where it would stay at +/- 10 or 15 degrees. Is this normal or am I missing something. This is my first post and I'm not sure I'm doing this right!
it seems to be a normal thing unless you have a PID controller like the new Platinum series. I wouldn't worry too much about it. When cleaning your grill also be sure to clean off the temp probe.

I also use an external probe in mine placed on the grill for grill temp. If my digital display says 285 (when I have it set on 250) my extra probe is near the meat and reads closer to the actual 250.

Swings are normal and nothing to worry about unless you have it on 250 and it is over 400. That happens if pellets run out or you get a power surge but you just turn it off then back on again. Always make sure you have enough pellets in the hopper.