Hoping this new electric smoker saves me the hassles of charcoal smoking!


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Oct 20, 2020
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Kelowna, B.C. Canada
I've been smoking for years on my Kingsford charcoal smoker. Always indirect smoke, but the biggest problem was always heat control and longevity of the temperature and smoke. For doing salmon, it's perfect will cook 2-3 hours and the smoke content is good. I don't like heavy smoke on most foods, a light flavor adds to the taste of food, a heavy smoke kills the flavor with overpowering smoke flavor. I did a turkey once and smoked it easy to long, it was terrible. I find most meats only need a couple of hours of smoke, the rest is just slow cooking to get the tender and juicy results wanted. I'm looking forward to using this eclectic on pork belly, jerky, salmon and Turkey. So far the jerky has turned out delicious. I have a pork belly curing, but it has seven more days to go before I can smoke it. My choice was the series two blue baby electric.

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