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Jun 21, 2020
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Hey there, Bruthas and Sistahs in Smokin' an' Grillin'. Just invested in a new Pit Boss Dual Smoker Gas Grill and am still wrestling with the initial set up. This forum looked like a place where I might find some direction to a solution and it sounds like a fun social medium as well. Have been smokin' and grillin' the old-fashioned way for over 40 years in Tucson and the multiple seasonal climatic challenges as well as a waning agility level led to investing in basically a rocket ship to the moon grillin'-wise. My son invested in the 820 model and was so immediately impressed. Now he smokes every weekend. I couldn't resist, being the seeker of smoking/grilling nirvana and perfection that I am. I have/had a Weber Genesis progenitor gas grill for almost 40 years now and it is still reliable and predictable. But I couldn't justify the twice-inventory - acquiring more without getting rid of something to maintain the balance. Enter the beast I bought and now, the Weber, faithful old soldier that it has been, will end up out in a big turnout somewhere between Tucson and Phoenix with a sign on it that says, "Free to good home." I am having specific issues with the discovery stage and it sounds like others of you out there have had similar experiences. In a nutshell, I am seeking suggestions regarding blower not turning off so pellets can actually begin smoking (the blower keeps flame on the whole cycle, no no-flame to allow the pellets to smolder instead of burn, thus creating the smoke), and the far right-hand burner for the grill isn't lighting. Hubby, who is quite savvy and handy with electronics and electricity, thinks it's a wire that didn't get connected. But I'd still be interested in hearing from anyone who has has the same experience with the blower not turning off. I'm looking forward to discussions on this forum - I don't do a whole lot of social media -?- so this is a leap of faith for me. But I still love learning from other peoples' experiences. It's the best classroom there is. Blessings to all - thanks. Loriann

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